Case Studies

Virtual Blue Bird manages a lot of diverse clients. We do not provide a limited list of services, because our clients do not have a limited list of needs. Offering assistance services, our job is to make sure that we find a way of helping our clients without the need for them to spend their precious time in explaining the details to us. This is because we pay attention to what our clients say and learn as much as possible ourselves. We have the ability to work things out quickly and to make the necessary decisions, without consulting the client at every step of the process. Most of our clients come to us through recommendations; therefore we have a lot of trust from day one. However, some clients, who come to us without previous knowledge of our work, often need the time to develop a strong relationship with us. If this is the case, we will run all of the aspects of task handling by you until you are happy that we can manage this without your involvement.

It is important to note that we respect our clients privacy. We do not disclose who our clients are, unless you give us a permission to do so (as you will see from the case studies). We have 100% retention and no complaints since our company opened. Since the requests for our services are very diverse, we have put together some case studies to explain some of the ways in which we can help your company. If you are not sure whether we can handle your request, feel free to email us and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

Here is the example of one of our recent projects:

Client: CEO of a large UK-based organisation (3 months)

Category: Calendar management

Case Study: We deal with a lot of CEO's and senior level executives. We specialise in managing those clients during interim periods when they are changing jobs, their PAs are on holidays or simply to cover in the event of job vacancies. 90% of our CEO business comes from recommendations.

We understand:

  • The importance of prioritising contacts
  • The need to minimise travelling
  • The high standard required of meeting places, locations and their diversity
  • The importance of time management and prompt replies
  • The need to adapt phone manner dependent on the countries we are talking to
  • The need for frequent reminders of scheduled meetings and who the contacts are
  • The importance of being able to change schedules at very short notice without upsetting different parties,
  • The careful attention that is required from every single word that the CEO says to us.

We pay attention - which allows us to develop PA "telepathy" quickly without making mistakes. We work long hours and ensure that the client can call us at any time. Due to the nature of this business, we learn the client's requirements quickly and do not ask unnecessary questions. We have high quality recommendations because we give 100% to the client and we think of nothing but our client's needs.

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