Client: IT Specialist (client for 6 months)

Category: Holiday management, research

Case Study: This client is an extremely busy individual. Their first email to us was as follows: "Hey, heard you were good and I need a little direction. So, here are my friend's details. He is as busy as me, but get his budget and holiday days and organise a road trip for us for 3 weeks across Canada. My budget is £X, but I need internet connection wherever we stay". We organised a 3 week trip from Toronto to Vancouver for this client. We managed the flights, car rental, accommodation, travel maps, day-by-day adventures and alternative routes. Feedback from the client said "amazing trip, thank you so much! I can not believe you've put baggage tags and a spare USB in my travel folder - how did you know that I would forget mine?! Where do you think I should go for my next holiday?"

Over the last 4 months we have also started helping this client with his business. We generate last-minute research for him with regard to financial analysis on specific companies and also help in putting together financial presentations.