Client: Entrepreneur (client for 1.3 years)

Category: Business development; on-line management; research

Case Study: We manage a lot of entrepreneurs. This client provides us with the most unexpected tasks all of which are very challenging. Over the last 1.3 years we have managed 26 large tasks for this client, 7 of which were new business ventures. Although it is very rare for us to get a full set of detailed instructions, this client is well known for giving us the least amount of instructions. For example, here is one of their emails: "Anya, I'm thinking of opening a restaurant here. Can you do your thing? If you think it's a good idea, I want something opened in 6 months. I'm ok to spend £X. I want turnover £X per week, once the restaurant is opened. Let me know how it goes and when the launch date is". This task started by us investigating the local market. We did a full set of analyses, identifying the cuisine, the expected profits, available restaurants for sale, costs of opening (labour, staff), running costs etc. We decided that this would be a profitable venture and therefore started on the opening of the restaurant. We managed everything virtually, including recruitment, design and development. This was a very large task and we had 5 VBB team members working on it. Within 6 months, we opened a restaurant within the required budget. The restaurant now brings in double the required income per week to the client.